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Worst Case Scenario- Elevator Plunge

For more videos, visit Stuck in an elevator during a catastrophic event? Here are some pointers to remember from Bear Grylls.

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25 Responses to “Worst Case Scenario- Elevator Plunge”

  1. rockmanlipe says:

    @MrHispanic365 Not Bear Grylls is better than Chuck Norris

  2. eljohn141 says:

    nce tactics bear grylls

  3. msxymex says:

    @suchet111 lol

  4. PiteRBizkiTPac11 says:

    00:20 roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  5. brenchtoast44 says:

    What if I jump the second before it hits?

  6. ithinkimtj says:

    “If you find yourself trapped in a falling elevator, the best thing to do is to pull out the smallest object you have and try to pry open the doors. When you realize that actually doesn’t work, try breaking the object till you have a shark edge and aim straight for your temple. Good luck.”

  7. CrazyBoy53JJ says:

    What if your on the 90th floor?

  8. zkittlz says:

    “Stuck in an elevator… Better drink my own piss”

  9. 009moderwarfare2900 says:

    @HaloKing3536 I agree

  10. suchet111 says:

    stay calm… and bang on the door and cry for help

  11. suchet111 says:

    what if you are stuck in the elevator with the devil?

  12. drummingmonster says:

    haha has bear grills seen devil?

  13. TheNiloc96 says:

    so whats hes telling us is to push the alarm like crazy scream fore help and get on the floor BUT DONT PANIC xD

  14. aqswefhtgy says:

    go to 0:01

  15. HaloKing3536 says:

    @liambrawley yes but look at the title. WORST CASE SCENARIO

  16. Microglia1 says:

    Cris Angel taught me to float!

  17. KievenTeo says:

    Just STFU and use the damn stairs u fatties

  18. liambrawley says:

    elevators cant freefall. they have automatic breaks that are not electric and cannot fail

  19. kennedy072 says:

    dont panic or else your O2 will ran out easily

  20. RedTyrian says:

    brace yourself and bend your knees, as if that will help, if that elevator is freefalling, the only thing that will be happen, is upon reaching the bottom, you will not need a body bag, but a bucket and a mop.

  21. dogtired75 says:

    @miVersionz i will died! i dont wants dieds?

  22. masmas1029 says:

    @NateCRR tru tru

  23. djtron1x says:

    @MrHispanic365 Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick your face for that comparison.

  24. djtron1x says:

    @brattette I researched this incident, and it looks like the building was under construction. The support structure that was holding together the elevator shaft collapsed and they fell. Various reports say six dead, six injured, and seven injured one dead, but they all seem to be the same report spread out over the last month. All of the injured were in the building construction crew. The more reliable and detailed reports look like it was only injury to all six.

  25. brattette says:

    @djtron1x come to think of it… WAS made of cardboard so i don’t know.

    Yes, it was a ‘real’ elevator. i’m not saying you’re wrong. you sound like you know what you’re talking about. i’m relaying a story I heard where the opposite of what you said happened.


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