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Worst-Case Scenario: Downed Power Line | Dog Attack 2/3

In this worst case scenario bear grylls shows us how to get alive from a Dog Attack and an Downed Power Line

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25 Responses to “Worst-Case Scenario: Downed Power Line | Dog Attack 2/3”

  1. NilsKills says:

    He has chainmail on underneath.

  2. mrtyler603 says:

    @thechickkapub trained actor dogs

  3. Cash321go says:

    kill the dog by pulling the dog’s legs apart and burst the heart. trust me it works. i had to do it once on a stray dog in spain when it attacked me.

  4. MrYoyoNine says:

    just eat it !!

  5. TigerClaws12894 says:

    basically, if you don’t know basic parkour…you’re F****ed :|

  6. fikapaburk says:

    @tjthegreat7 And then drunk his own pee

  7. ninetailshaun123 says:

    heres how you survive a dog atack bring it on mutt

  8. thechickkapub says:

    Why didn’t dog bite cameraman?

  9. Addicted2Play says:

    @The1Darknes2 That guy laughed, i would try to help you :O …

  10. Soulen1998 says:

    Bear should say:When u see a dog,just-
    hit it with your leg,and then-

  11. rockmanlipe says:

    7:03 Mario Sunshine

  12. Yannis390 says:

    dont believe this video.
    just fucking call cesar.

  13. meteopegasus1 says:

    bad dogs

  14. weiwei6969 says:

    they just want to play fetch…

  15. IamMasivers95 says:

    @tjthegreat7 lol great one..hahaha!

  16. liliokilani says:

    @tjthegreat7 BUAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

  17. wwejheaton says:

    @morphtronicbeast lmao

  18. spike100000000000 says:

    if ur fat your done for lol

  19. The1Darknes2 says:

    damnn.. last sommer 4 dogs chased me ..well i run for 3 sec and i tought in the last second ´´alright dude your now fucked up turn around kick,punch do anything to harm the dogs as possible you can so i turn around there were 1 meter between me and the dogs i shouted raise my hands and they ´´fortunately´´ get scared and fall back, 200 meters away a guy laughed his ass off because of me …..

  20. gsg9ff says:

    Had those been Pitbulls, he would have had a bad day.
    6:30 He should have Pulled his survival knife, and stabbed the dog in the heart.

  21. morphtronicbeast says:

    I’m going to use this “avoiding dog attacks” in black ops and then ill be safe

  22. azazel1893 says:

    getting the dog to go in a bin sure was a good idea :)

  23. darrenjs92 says:

    did he just throw a dog in a bin! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. andre12393 says:

    attack dogs

  25. TheCH73 says:

    @tjthegreat7 hahaha


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