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Worst Case Scenario: Brake Failure Tips

Would you know what to do if your car suddenly would not stop? Bear Grylls offers advice on how to steer your way out of danger. Airs Wednesday at 10pm only on Discovery.

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25 Responses to “Worst Case Scenario: Brake Failure Tips”

  1. xionz83 says:

    why not use handbrake with 90 degree angle and follow to 180 degree. it’s fastest just like doing drift rather than cruising down hill slowing down while the vehicle still facing forward.

  2. runtubefantasy says:

    what the fuck? that guy did crash into a tree at the end. what the fuck!! then what is that emergency break for if we can’t even use it?!!??!!

  3. AreRifx says:

    Nice video….

  4. Irishbhoy1000 says:

    @harrison764 alright, my bad, you obviously have more knowledge about a car, I only thought that because it just slows the car down

  5. harrison764 says:

    @Irishbhoy1000 Are you serious? You clearly have no idea how a car works. Taking your foot off the accelerator wont stop a car, it just stops it from speeding up or travelling at a constant speed

  6. MrEhamburglar says:

    Don’t use your emergency brakes for an emergency. Great advice. He could have come to an easy stop at the end by pulling the e-brake.

  7. WindowsBreakerG4 says:

    @lt1caprice57l At least it wasn’t a wagon, but they should have rolled that oldsmopile instead. Also not downshifting is a horrid idea.

  8. lt1caprice57l says:

    Really? REALLY?? Out of 9 fuckin’ million mindless domestic FWD mobiles (i.e. Taurus, etc.) you decide you have to roll a nice turbo Volvo down a hill? Assholes.

  9. giufriBG says:

    bear grylls is better than chock norris..

  10. deadlyponiezzzz says:

    @kiwort How dare you comapre bear grills with chuck norris, read some chuck norris jokes and facts and next time think: ” maybe chuck norris will come and round house me to death”.

  11. racerx8228 says:

    wow… I was biking home from a friend’s house and since it was raining, my brake pads got wet and i was going fast without brakes. It was fun & cool.

  12. pinkskies2704 says:

    gosh.. they should just make Bear James Bond as well! he’s too awesome =D

  13. KeTeVemCovers says:

    If theres a person trust driving with that person is Bear…with Bear everyone survives

  14. Irishbhoy1000 says:

    If your car has faulty brakes than why cant you just get your foot off the acceleration pedal

  15. IllyaMuromets says:

    if your brakes don’t work go on the highway, BUT WAIT!!!!
    DON’T TELL THE COPS!!!! you have a great excuse for speeding ]:) he.. he… hee

  16. FeroxX says:

    @kiwort and the new MacGyver too!

  17. Bomchilaka says:

    @vm93HUN my car’s steering lock when i turn off the engine,while the key is still in,my car is an old modle,1992 mitsubishi lancer glx so yeah,but other tips are ok :)

  18. vm93HUN says:

    cont: If you have a car with automatic gearbox sell it inmediately and buy one with manual gearbox!
    for Bear Gryllis: you will not save, but kill a lot of man with your car driving tips so FUCK YOU!!!

  19. vm93HUN says:

    That is the dangerous way, so DO NOT BELIEV HIM!!!
    1: Steering never locks untill you pulls the key off.
    2: Select lower gears, because it applies the engine break
    3: The handbreak is very usefull, so use it! It’s stupidity that it screws the transmission, unless you don’t use the clutch and of course nothing holds you back from an counter steering.
    4: Never keeps your thumbs out, becauss you can’t grab the steering well

  20. alexnorth12 says:

    bear grylls brakes actually go out he panics and flies off a cliff lol jkjk bear grylls is awesomme

  21. commandoPR says:

    one more bummer for automatic transmissions: can’t brake with them that easily, because of the lack of a clutchpedal :(

  22. thweepz says:

    i thought u were supposed to put ur car in neutral and use the E-brake

  23. cutting123454321 says:

    I’ve never seen this show at all.

  24. weerobot says:

    Awsome Bear Grylls

  25. swinegull says:

    @liskovecsf yeah i know i was being sarcastic


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