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Wilderness Survival: To Kill or Not To Kill?

First and foremost, lost backpackers hardly ever have to worry about food when it comes to survival cases. Avoiding injuries, getting found, shelter and water are all more important than food. However, when you really need to start looking for food, animals happen to be a great source for protein and calories. The best way to get food would be to keep a lookout for easy animals to kill, as well as easy ways in which this can be done.

Porcupine may be prickly, but being slow in movement, they happen to be a great survival food when in the wilderness. Anybody who can walk, as well as hold sticks at the same time, is capable of hunting down a porcupine. Porcupines used to be left in peace by men in the mountains, so that they could serve as an available supply of food in the wilderness for anybody who would get hungry and lost.

Porcupines aren’t easy to kill, though; you will have to repeatedly hit them very hard. To clean porcupines, simply roll them over with the help of your stick. You have to be careful of their quills, so cut them open from the bottom. Porcupines can be skinned from the bottom, as well, and this should be done before cooking them over a small fire. A bonus is that they actually taste very good!

Fish that can be seen within shallow water are usually much easier to catch by spearing them with sharpened sticks rather than making use of baits and hooks. One other way to catch them would be by waiting with ready hands over spots that they tend to swim by, and then capture them quickly when they come closer. Tons of tiny fish can be caught in the span of two hours by doing this.

You can also catch snakes by hand. Though, if they are venomous, using a stick would be advisable. When in streams and lakes, look under rocks for crayfish, which you can boil up like little lobsters. Some birds, like quail, usually place their nesting places on the ground and if you aim well, you can kill them with a rock. Bird eggs can be eaten, too.

Turtles, insects, clams, and grubs are other foods, which you can catch by hand. Finding food shouldn’t be about hunting or showing off your skills. There are easier ways. When it comes to wilderness survival, the primary goal would be simply to gather enough calories to live.

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