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Wilderness Hygiene

So this is a short video on wilderness hygiene, thanks for watching, comment and subscribe and check out our new website!

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15 Responses to “Wilderness Hygiene”

  1. iamnetminder says:

    @TheAlexander356 In all honesty I don’t know, I would assume it would differ between individuals and conditions. I guess just smoke it up when your stinking it up! Haha happy holidays!

  2. TheAlexander356 says:

    @iamnetminder and thank you for such a great answer!
    But that raises another question than, how long can your hygiene last off of smoke baths, not ‘smelly wise’ but ‘disease-free wise’? Do you need to have a regular shower like every week or so?

  3. iamnetminder says:

    @TheAlexander356 Good question! Although it is not necessarily a “shower” you can take a “smoke bath”. Instead of stripping down in the freezing cold you simply allow the smoke to cover you and get beneath your clothing. Although you may not feel as clean as you would taking an actual shower the smoke is killing off different bacterias that could be growing on you. This can also aid in getting rid of your scent if you were hunting. Thanks for such a great question!

  4. TheAlexander356 says:

    I know this is only for brushing teeth, but I was wondering if you had any tips for showering out in the wild when it’s winter and snowing and freezing?

  5. TheGeminiLounge says:

    Wow..nice vid..You got skils…Thanks for the info

  6. jtsurvival says:


  7. hinckleypoland says:

    Good stuff JT!

  8. jtsurvival says:

    haha ya but just incase you forget, you never know, thanks for watching

  9. jtsurvival says:

    thanks for the tip, i’ll have to look for a pine but thats a great idea, thanks for watching

  10. jtsurvival says:

    ha ya not very good tasting but it works and protects those pearly whites, thanks for watching!

  11. jtsurvival says:


  12. medicjimr says:

    Pretty cool there JT

  13. nextexhale says:

    Cool tip. I never would have thought of that.

  14. KasinH says:

    Make sure that the wood you put in your mouth doesn’t have any dangerous chemicals.
    Also, you might try feathering a pine stick and using that for a toothbrush. Tastes and smells better than coal paste. I’ve used that, and the scent is wonderful.

  15. hanks11deco says:

    ide just bring my toothpaste thanks xD


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