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Who do you like better Bear Grylls or Survivor Man?

Bear Gryll’s show is pretty entertaining but I feel like Survivor Man is more impressive. What do you guys think?

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4 Responses to “Who do you like better Bear Grylls or Survivor Man?”

  1. Sofa King says:

    Survivor man is the one without a camera crew, right? He’s way better than the guy who brings a crew with him.

  2. awakened1 says:

    i agree i think survivor man is more impressive simply because Bear is followed and not on his own

    but bear is damn fine!

  3. Marissa B says:

    I like Survivor Man (Les Stroud, I believe) because he does it on his own. I like Bear Grylls because he can show you more since he doesn’t have to worry about lugging around cameras.

  4. *SaRaH* says:

    Survivorman is so much better but he’s done! He had his last show on a week ago or so…


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