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Water in a winter survival situation: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Dehydration has a crippiling effect on your body in a survival situation having a clean supply of water will sky rocket your morale and keep you thinking straight and you will survive for longer

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20 Responses to “Water in a winter survival situation: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft”

  1. crombieposterboy says:

    @msa1985 You completely missed my point. My point being. Who has Tin foil in there pocket. She is being creative with things that you are not likely to have in a survival situation Thus her video is shit. If I was going to potentially end up in a freezing survival situation I believe I would pack a sat phone. before I would worrie about tin foil.

  2. msa1985 says:

    @crombieposterboy why would you end up in the damn freezing wilderness with no jacket??? what are the odds of russian mobsters kidnapping you and leaving you in the middle of nowhere?

    or you try to kill a russian kgb agent with your buddy and you get lost chasing him through the jersey pine barrons underdressed??

  3. crombieposterboy says:

    I challenge you to to 7 days in the wilderness without your fancy north face jacket. You have all of theese things you are using that no one would have in a true survival situation. God forbid. you just pick up your handy dandy cell phone and call 911

  4. TheZanderman101 says:

    dude you dont need to purefy water just eat snow but not to much of it

  5. traderjoes says:

    Nice ideas! I wonder if the snow could be melted inside the nalgene bottle or the zip lock bag by the suns rays, if you made a hollow in the snow and lined it with dark material and placed the snow filled vessels inside the hollow? This way the dark attracts light and heat, melting the snow. Would it work?

  6. lesview says:

    Good info! Thanks!

  7. tjalolx says:

    Haha hot teacher! =)

  8. mrwaoun says:

    i like to carry a stainless steel water bottle because it keep my water cold would it work to pack it with ice and stick in my pocket?

  9. MboredNbad says:

    but i need my cloth to keeo my warm,what ima do with water if im freezing to death :)

  10. ncbookz says:

    snow in bag , heat rock, place bag on rock

  11. sk8r706 says:

    while lying down to sleep or rest hold a snow ball over your mouth and your warm breath will melt the snow and the water will fall into your mouth. i thnx 4 the tips !

  12. Christopher711 says:

    I have heard that if youe at snow eat it in ery small amounts and dont eat a big chunk of it bc then it will cause your core body temperature to drop.

  13. RDPproject says:

    @Xanatissimo. NEVER eat snow.
    The amount of energy and heat that melts it is drawn directly from your body. It can be very dangerous. Eating snow can lower your body core temperature and prompt hypothermia. But hey…if your at a ski resort with a cabin and roaring log fire inside…then feel free to do so. But in a survival situation….it can kill you.
    If you have a container. Then you can simply stuff snow into a sock. If no fire avaliable, just hang it in the sun and the sock will melt it.

  14. Xanatissimo says:

    sorry, but if you’re welling on drinking water melt in your boots why don’t simply eat snow… I guess it will melt down in your mouth much faster… if you want sterilized water you need to find a way to filter or boil it I guess… but hey, some nice ideas any how… specially the body bag… very used and useful… keep up the good vids…

  15. DEMCAD says:

    As big as I am, I’ll melt a bag quickly.

  16. zippysyxx says:

    Some really good ideas there, Thanks for that.

  17. leetshots says:

    and its appreciated or i would have just ignored the video instead of watching it and taking the trouble to leave a lighthearted comment.

    acquire a sense of humour or youtube will drive you mad.

  18. ungnaturkraft says:

    Another til is to hot stone melt the snow in your gaitor since you have fire. that way you also sterilize the water.

  19. Zachman1124 says:

    I really like the idea of using socks.. but my feet sweat really bad and trust me, survival or not you would not want me to take my sock off.

    Cool vid though

  20. bushcraftourway says:

    ….. unessacary, shes spent time and effort over making this, show gratitude


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