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Video 4 – Things for your survival kit emergency bug out bag – cigarette lighter.wmv

The cigarette lighter, available just about everywhere, but you should get one that has see through sides, so you can see if it has fluid, and is brightly colored, in case you drop it. Cheap to buy, and easy to put together, but this baby could well save your life. Other items that may come in handy: Emergency Space Blanket: Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandage: Nexcare Butterfly Closure Bandage: Diamond Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches 250 Count: GI Large P-51 Can Opener: South Bend Sporting Goods PHA-1 Crappie And Pan Fish Hook Assortment: Berkley Trilene XL Filler Spools 330 YD: Durex Natural Feeling Dry Condoms, a Non-Lubricated Condom: FireSteel Miniature: Coghlans Waterproof Matches, pk of 4 940BP: Uco Stormproof Matches: Learn Survival: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes: Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living: Surviving with Nothing But Your Bare Hands and What You Find in the Woods: Learn Survival on Kindle: There are other great books out there by experts like: cody lundin dave canterbury and mykel hawke.

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  1. favbookreview says:

    I have included links to the stuff I show in the video under the description above, links directly to Amazon, etc.

  2. favbookreview says:

    If you liked this video, you should check out my video on the importance of adding tinder to any survival kit, bug out bag, etc.

  3. favbookreview says:

    When Mykel Hawke was asked what his favorite fire starter was, he replied, a cigarette lighter. I can tell you from experience that rolling your thumb when you are very, very cold, is a lot easier than working a firesteel, or trying to strike a match. I try to carry one, just in case something happens to my more primitive starting equipment.


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