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vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 7

vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 7

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25 Responses to “vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 7”

  1. MrMecha1 says:

    This project took a ton of moola but he could have been like the rest of us and spent that money on trips to Hawaii and expense SUV’s. It’s a choice we all have. We should all start thinking about this and showing our kids how they may have to live in the future.

  2. Smittyswymer says:

    This documentary was absolutely amazing. I have always been an avid fan of “Survivorman” and this series of videos has been a just as great of a learning experience as Les’ shows.

    I’ll be sure to buy Les Stroud a drink if I ever meet him. He is truly a tribute to the human race.

  3. sapper69s says:

    @mythic89 You’re missing the point. You’re the retarded one.

  4. sapper69s says:

    @mythic89 You’re missing the point. You’re the retarded one.

  5. fauxanarchist says:

    Far oot! What an inspiration, ay!! My dream to do similar, just looking for source of funding, first.

  6. mythic89 says:

    What about an AirConditioner gotta have A. C.

  7. mythic89 says:

    Good thing the Discovery channel was paying the bills for Les Stroud cause this little project was expensive and the average person could never afford this Jesus I mean with all he has invested in this he should have stayed on the GRID and payed his HYDRO. Lol what a retard

  8. greengobbb says:

    fukken awesome

  9. therzrking says:

    This was an experiment not a how-to.

    Do what you can; it costs nothing to recycle.

    We all have different means but the ideal should be the same.

  10. dragomancer123 says:

    @YamahaPhyscho yeah power outages are very bad here

  11. tammipuu says:

    @projectdurden As a female, camp goin’ skiin’ canooin’ horseback ridin’ huntin’ Marine in the reserve, I resent that stereotypical remark.

    I do dance and wear high heels on occasion, but I still prefer the country lifestyle and walking around barefoot.

  12. BishounenNerd says:

    Don’t forget you could always plant stuff. Especially a good option if you plan to live as a vegetarian/vegan, or if you just love plants.

  13. 21wf says:

    One thing this movie failed to tell us, is how much money it cost to do all this.

    I bet it isn’t cheap.

  14. gamatattoos says:

    What are you doing for food? You need some chickens, they are the best for entertainment, pets, and eggs. Very easy to take care of. Ill be looking forward to seeing some videos on growing and harvesting your own food in the future ;)

  15. MrJotunheim says:

    great to place to live off the grid , instead of bothering sand people in Iraq and reskig your life in afghanistan and working your ass out for the NWO

  16. YamahaPhyscho says:

    wow are power outages really t hat common 2 make people wanna move 2 the wild…you wouldn b able 2 live like that without people livin normally in cities workin in factories 2 make crap like furnaces, windows, skis,
    ….helicopters lolll

  17. projectdurden says:

    i feel sorry for logan. you really need a brother to hang with when you live out in the woods. girls suck ass when it comes to outdoor living. she is probably more interested in dance class anyways.

  18. usafmora says:

    I was told that his wife left him, if so I feel sorry for him.

  19. poopflinger08 says:

    i love the grid !!! fuck the enviroment.

  20. jiga20001 says:

    I bought an rv and moved to Florida.
    I get my hot water for free through garden hoses laid out in the sun.
    My next project is to go solar and get off the grid.

  21. Danny00201 says:

    I want to do this so bad Im reserching it now any tips on where to look would be helpful

  22. stagarms9 says:

    that was amazing! it is my dream to one day be able to do just that. maybe not in canada

  23. Rajalord27 says:

    dont forget the werewovles they play havoc in off the grid living

  24. xandramas says:

    Man the resell value of this house is going to be tenfold

  25. xandramas says:

    There is no season 3 of survivorman


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