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vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 6

vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 6

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25 Responses to “vandwelleruk les stroud off the grid part 6”

  1. MrMecha1 says:

    I love the show and I love Les’s TV series and I love his wife and kids but if they really wanted to do this without a footprint, they would have done everything by hand like the first settlers. Now that would have been something to watch. This is a rich man’s game. It takes big, big bucks to do what they did. I still love watching the adventure though. Way to go!

  2. harybosco says:

    @freezazoid they’re getting there…it’s process. you’re right but that’s just the first year.

  3. freezazoid says:

    @SniperViper1000 : I don’t know which of the many comments of mine you’re referring to. But I watched all of the parts bro. This is a television show that doesn’t give a fuck about living green. The energy they wasted just on the production of the tv show alone wasted any money that would have been saved “living off the grid”. I don’t give a fuck about living green either, but I’m not a hypocrite about it.

  4. SniperViper1000 says:

    @freezazoid Watch the first part.

    It was too ahrd to find something like that.

  5. mythic89 says:

    Stroud is a complete hypocrite he is spending enough money to but the whole damn grid , let alone live off of it. Ray Mears is king Les Stroud is a joke and this video and his project are a joke my God I mean a Helicopter for Christs sake what average person can do that ???

  6. schmuck79 says:

    how can they afford a hellicopter to fly in material but not afford well digging?

  7. paleospear says:

    I like Les Stroud and Survivorman but this was a very confusing documentary, I was expecting this to be better made. What was the rush? and the lack of a clear plan? It was like throwing a bunch of sticks in the air and hoping it makes a house! They could’ve opted not to use the helicopter to bring in wood for building. That cost savings alone would have paid for a well drilled. Confusing!

  8. YamahaPhyscho says:

    electricity a drug addiction? imao

  9. keytoothed says:

    I think what’s so irksome about this whole episode is how unnatural everything is. He could have built a wonder earth bag or cob house, in Oct. when he arrived, had it well finished before the first snow. But no. He wants to fuck around with renovating a horse barn, installing a rain catch so he can flush his shit, and ends up with a stove-heated outhouse as he continues with reconstruction. He’d rather take a class in log cabin construction, then hire helicopters for his “addition.” A joke.

  10. freezazoid says:

    since they have all this money thrown into the project… why not choose a location along a river where you could build a water generator? When there’s no wind and clouds cover the light a river generator would keep going.

  11. freezazoid says:

    then he says in a sarcastic way when he’s cutting down trees around his house: “bummer”

    What a dick.

  12. freezazoid says:

    And to add to my comment below: R U Kidding? Helicopters flying in materials because you chose the worst spot possible to build a dream home? these guys are total hypocrites.

  13. freezazoid says:

    this doc is kinda bullshit…. He claims a racoon climbed up the tree after a piece of firewood fell on it? yeah right… they probably threw shit at it, cause it was bugging them… You can see them kick the raccoon when it interupted their precious recording session…. PLUS bringing in all the machinery to build their little dream house?… They have lots of money to do this, and I doubt they chose the most “green” way.

  14. projectdurden says:

    Sooner or later he will be growing marijuana to support his family and pay for his kids education.

  15. WatugaConfederation says:


    Heck, my county didn’t really enforce the building codes until the very late 1980′s. If anything, construction quality got worse when builders got an idea of just how much they could get away with (McMansions were also getting popular at that time too, so that didn’t help things).

    And, like Demmy notes, you tend to do a good job build

  16. ILLESTwhiteNI66A911 says:

    haha herb mcherbus

  17. linkspider says:

    Keep it in yer pants jonpaulmoen she is a married woman and therefor is also off the grid…

  18. jonpaulmoen says:

    A lot of people really dis his wife, but I’m jealous. He is very lucky to have her. Looks like a great mom and is very beautiful.

  19. jonpaulmoen says:

    Then why is he wearing a “Survivorman” sweatshirt?

  20. xXxDsgraceInUrFace says:


  21. xXxDsgraceInUrFace says:

    1:50=speed wobbles

  22. RACINUTT00 says:

    Awesome. Big City Turn Me Loose & Set Me Free !!!!

  23. E2F83 says:

    Dude that’s awsome, a heater in the outhouse :D All he needs now is a hot tub.

  24. Minipunk415 says:

    umm well it works now :)

  25. miller4546 says:

    i would really love to find out the total cost of everything.. i am guessing. 250,000.00..


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