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Tramontina Machete, Bushcraft Fire, wood chopping&Knife review

Into a new area to sleep under ponchos in February, an old car wheel to contain the fire and a pummeling test for Hultafors GK

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12 Responses to “Tramontina Machete, Bushcraft Fire, wood chopping&Knife review”

  1. steintanz says:

    Hey Scott – you’re using the fire bowl principle too, cool!
    No questions about the gloves: keeps the hands in much better, well-manicured condition ;o)
    CU around, Tim

  2. bassfuryvi says:

    @EDINBURGSTAR thank you Joe!


    Loved the batoning part of the video you guys are having too much fun.
    Good video Scott. Cheers from Texas

  4. lobo25111967 says:

    @bassfuryvi lol it’s a good reason you think????????

  5. bassfuryvi says:

    @StyrianPower thanks was a good find..this way we leave virtually no scorch mark..and use a little less wood as the heat is contained…cheers!

  6. bassfuryvi says:

    @Wyndstarthedruid hi there,..the large saw I have is from Axminster tools in Devon England..about £16 last year..compared with a Bahco is isn’t quite as good but it is much, much bigger so I carry BOTH..thanks for your comment

  7. bassfuryvi says:

    @lobo25111967 I know..but Joe loves pine resin…

  8. StyrianPower says:

    great video..good idea with the wheel..nice area

  9. Wyndstarthedruid says:

    are you using the SOG saw, is it better than the bahco?

  10. lobo25111967 says:

    why you are put your tools in a living three ???? is not a good idea for a bushcrators men!!!

  11. bassfuryvi says:

    @Waldhandwerk is a lot closer to a fire break that walkers use so there were a few people to smell our beef..ha ha!
    have a great day!

  12. Waldhandwerk says:

    Hi Scott, hi Joe, cool, great new area! Cool fire pit and good looking meal ; ) Nice Tarp set up too. Thanks for sharing your time out in nature. Have a good Day Sepp


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