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Think Les Stroud could survive in the fish that ate Jonah?

I think he could, he would make it 7 days though, Bear Grils couldn’t though, what a fake

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3 Responses to “Think Les Stroud could survive in the fish that ate Jonah?”

  1. Paladin says:

    I believe that Pat Robertson could bench press the fish that swallowed Jonah. ;-)

  2. Evil Cracka infidel says:

    Les stroud is the man. By far the better of the 2. You might as well let Bear loose in a zoo so he can just kill stuff and be closer to his hotel. Les could kick the whales ass.

  3. Viva Liberty! [the tao of pooh] says:

    Les Stroud could bench press the fish, eat him, then make a shelter out of its skeleton.


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