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The Frank Bowie by Knives By Hand

Handmade survival bowie.

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16 Responses to “The Frank Bowie by Knives By Hand”

  1. theanvilcracks says:

    Hey Charlz, what a badass blade man! It’s like a mini kuhkri mated with the Dave Beck W.S.K! Awesome!

  2. Charlz9mm says:

    @smokysantana Like a chainsaw?

  3. smokysantana says:

    you need a bigger knife that won’t take 16 strokes to cut that 1/2 inch twig off and start that fire.

  4. OneManWolfPak says:

    hahah thumbs up for the added nature sound effects !!

  5. TDoginNC says:

    @Charlz9mm Great to hear … I put one on order with Frank yesterday … looking forward to putting it to the task …

  6. Charlz9mm says:

    @TDoginNC Love it. It will last forever.

  7. TDoginNC says:

    How is this knife holding up for you? Any Update?

  8. shoe2o8 says:


    I’ve had a chance to talk to Frank for a few hours over the phone. What a good guy, very fun guy to talk to. Heard about him via some friends, as well as you and sootch as well. Whenever I get that many sources, it’s a sign. So I picked up the Frank Bowie with the steel pommel and turning some other comrades onto it as well.

  9. Charlz9mm says:

    @shoe2o8 You will be very happy when it arrives.

  10. shoe2o8 says:

    Mine is being forged next week! I’m so excited!

  11. Charlz9mm says:

    @cyclist01222 LOL!!! thanks.

  12. cyclist01222 says:

    Dude, great knife but you should be slaying zombies or wackin’ down trees to demo that behemoth. My $10 walmart special can accompish these same tasks. Love the knife though! Looking forward to another video when you really get into it.

  13. mustangpalmer91 says:

    Cant wait to get mine

  14. omhaddh says:

    i know frank he is reasonably priced and he has a great selection.

  15. frankgon4 says:

    @thomassmyth65 I just updated the web page to include pricing. The KnivesByHand website is in it’s infant stage. It is still a work in progress. See tab marked “Services” for knives. I am still updating.

  16. thomassmyth65 says:

    awesome knife, thanks for sharing, im gonna check his page out


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