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The Bushcraft Groups (One stick fire challenge)..cujomojo2007 making fire in the snow

cujomojo2007 make this video

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8 Responses to “The Bushcraft Groups (One stick fire challenge)..cujomojo2007 making fire in the snow”

  1. survivalwolf says:

    Thanks for your entry! Its great , I think both of us love the snowy conditions! We need to go out one day! I am the same opinion! We don´t need to win the challenge, more important is to be part in it! It was my first challenge, and it was challenging for me as you´ve seen in my entry! You did a great job dude! Chris

  2. RDPproject says:

    Its so easy to say…”You should try to do it in 5 minutes!”
    But actually doing it…thats another story.
    You have not got any video up. Here is YOUR chance to show to us how to do it in 5 mins. YOU prove to us that your not just a troll. YOU SHOW US how its done under the same circumstances.
    Until you have done that…you dont have the right to criticize.


  3. hobbexp says:

    the videos gonna be to long, if we not can edit them.
    ppl gonna see if some one cheat anyway.
    the rules dont say he cant light his fire more and ones. some ppl i know dry ther tinder with the lighter when its wet our, before the light it.


  4. hobbexp says:

    great stuff, looking wet :0)


  5. cujomojo2007 says:

    @boomer00000 I expect it could be done in 5 minutes, this is a challenge I will continue to try out every now and then. I’m not interested in winning any contest, this was set as a personal challenge to prove to ourselves we could do it.

  6. boomer00000 says:

    You should try to do it in 5 minutes! i bet it could be done! i think if you could acheive that, an unedited, complete shot of you with the stick, working it down and starting the fire in 5 min, I bet you would win the contest for sure! that my friend would be impressive!

  7. cujomojo2007 says:

    @boomer00000 I had to edit the video, it was 20 minutes long before my camera cut out, I used two lifeboat matches to start the fire (the first match was edited out). The initial smoke is from the match, the rules did’nt say you couldn’t use lifeboat matches (or more than one) although I wish I had used a lighter. From 2:35 to 3:53 is unedited, the bit where it actually came to flame. If I could prep and start a fire with no tools in less than 5 minutes, why challenge myself?

  8. boomer00000 says:

    i think there should be a rule that you shouldnt be allowed to make any edits of the video, he was lighting the fire and it seemed like the wood was not going to light then it cut to a bunch of smoke.


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