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The 3 Killers (Pathfinder School Lesson 7)

This is a slide show presentation on my research of the 3 killers Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, and Shock for the Pathfinder School. Block 2 Module 1 Exercise 2.

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16 Responses to “The 3 Killers (Pathfinder School Lesson 7)”

  1. jtdrummer2112 says:

    loss of unconsciousness would be a good thing.

  2. charper3006 says:

    Great Job! Everyone should know basic first aid and cpr.

  3. locke6206 says:

    Thank you buddy! Yea it can get rough out there!

  4. ironhead41 says:

    great info. faved and 5ed. we get a lot of visitors here camping in the uwharrie mountains from upnorth. they come from cool climates to hot ones. at least once a week on the scanner, someone has heat exaustion or stroke in the campgrounds.

  5. locke6206 says:

    You are certainly welcome.. Im glad they could be of some help.

  6. ThrasherHunter says:

    thankx bro, i knew this b4 and must admit i was surprised by how much i remembered ,always good to review,one thing i would say about heat is its ok to cool the person down as quickly as possible so if you have a creek or lake put them in it, caio

  7. wildlifeed says:

    Man, I have learned this before, but as you have said when you stop learning your lost. I have learned a lot in this video!! 5/5 and faved it!! Thanks again for taking us on your journey and teaching us along the way!! ED

  8. wolfbrother2501 says:

    i certainly helped me i didnt know much about heat stroke so thanks

  9. 73mensailedoff says:

    Well done 5*

  10. tuyir23coolio says:

    Dear locke6206
    Great video! 5/5
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  11. locke6206 says:

    Thank you man!

  12. NewOperationDarkStar says:

    Your doing a great job bro.

  13. locke6206 says:

    Definately a lack of knowledge out there. Hope this helps a little.

  14. wolfbrother2501 says:

    thanks for posting this its really useful informtion that everyone should know but there is a lack of knowlage out there

  15. locke6206 says:

    Thank you very much.. I knew it wouldnt be very exciting, but its gotta be done.. lol

  16. MIKEBAKER1990 says:

    Great video. I’ll be attending school next year to become an EMT myself. Can’t wait.


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