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The 10 Piece Emergency Kit http

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25 Responses to “The 10 Piece Emergency Kit”

  1. zebratruck says:

    @alzathoth You get what you pay for. The Pathfinder knife is one of the best and made in America.

  2. threepercenter03 says:

    It doesn’t hurt to throw these items in with some surplus military gear and a “how to” book so when surviving is necessary, my techniques, rusty as they are, aren’t called into question… knives will always be a thorn in the side, as everyone has a different need for them, different opinion, and price range, a couple different knives won’t be a bad thing to carry, either.

  3. MrDarkTides says:

    What capacity is the sea line dry bag?

  4. 123JumpingJacks says:

    I was watching Reye Meres and he used the exact tarp and hammock set up as you do in your kit. His fire starting kit was tweaked for rain forest use so he had strips of rubber tire that he used for a fire starter.. Really smart because it will burn in the damp humidity. He was also using a compass and pace counter with a map. I would love to learn how that works.

  5. wildernessoutfitters says:

    @thedeathbychoclate The Knife is only 200, the sheath adds 75 to the price. Just and FYI

  6. alzathoth says:

    @thedeathbychoclate i agree. i would never spend that much on a knife, when i could get something just as good, and not “name branded” pathfinder for 1/2 that.

  7. FranciscotheGhost says:

    An excellent post, I would recommend it to anyone.

  8. BayAreaHiker says:

    Great set up. Please take a look at my BOB Bag series and give me some feedback. Thanks. Cheers.

  9. redline1953 says:

    Where did you get the Sealine Dry Bag?

  10. thedeathbychoclate says:

    I know that the pathfinder knife is like the best out there, but $275?! Seriously? Too expensive in my opinion. That knife costs more than a recurve bow kit priced at $200!

  11. survivlekitmaster says:

    where can i git me one of those cloth sail needles

  12. absolut247 says:

    Is this from the Survivability for the Common Man book and Dvd set? I like it. Very compact and what i have been looking for. Thanks.

  13. TheSouthernsurvivor says:

    @masterthomas919 Thanks

  14. masterthomas919 says:


  15. masterthomas919 says:

    @olmarnow petzl tactikka xp get it from

  16. olmarnow says:

    what kind of headlamp is that in this video? Is it really bright? what size is the sea lion dry bag? Where can i get one? Thanks

  17. olmarnow says:

    what kind of headlamp is that in this video? Is it really bright?

  18. MrJacob5566 says:

    @daw9y right on

  19. RATCANCER17 says:

    What size is that sealline dtry bag?

  20. SoundSystemOne says:

    ” Serious Times ” 2011

  21. nextdimensions says:

    Cheaper Than Dirt has those small dry bags, they are sweet.

  22. mandgsurvival says:

    You have a great show on Discovery Channel! I like ur videos!

  23. bladesNstuff says:

    What size dry bag is that?

  24. lacusicusi says:

    it would work great to have that kit always in your car for example… for some situations it works good for sure.

  25. Ikefis says:

    great info Dave


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