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Water in a winter survival situation: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Dehydration has a crippiling effect on your body in a survival situation having a clean supply of water will sky rocket your morale and keep you thinking straight and you will survive for longer

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Winter Bushcraft with my friends – (Deutsch & English)

Winter Bushcraft together with my friends Mathias, Chris and Sepp on a beautifull day! We went up in the mountains to a wonderfull cabin where we spent the night and practise some bushcraftsk√≠lls!……..Bushcraft Cooking,Kocher, Fallenbau, Bushcraftmesser, Bushcraftknife, Mora Bushcraft Triflex, Test, batoning, feathersticks, essbare Wildpflanzen, Signaling, Whillow Whistle, Not Pfeife, Outdoornahrung, Ray Mears, Survivalfishing, Survivalnahrung, Outdoor, Notnahrung, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, Survival, Bushcraft, Survivalmesser, Bushcraftmesser, Survivalknife, Bushcraftknife, primitive living, trapping, Survivalschule.at, Austria, Germany, Salzburg, Cody Lundin, Deutsch

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2001 Dateline NBC Winter Survival Feature

Dateline NBC Winter Survival Show with survival expert Cody Lundin

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