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Survival Kit Review: Part 5 First Aid (Wilderness Survival skills)

Nautral Antiseptics: www.youtube.com Spaghnum Moss: www.youtube.com

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Survival Kit Review: Part 4 Water (Wilderness Survival skills)

To print Survival Kit info sheet www.dougritter.com

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JT’s 48 Hr. Wilderness Kit

Much like you saw with mine in the past here is another example of a 48 hr wilderness kit. Hope you enjoy! Thanks www.paracordsurvival.webs.com

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Survival Kit Review: Part 3 Fire (Wilderness Survival skills)

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Survival Kit Review: Part 1 Container (Wilderness Survival skills)

When choosing a container for your survival kit consider the following: is it waterproof, of the contents like tinder need to stay dry, can I use the container for something else, Like a waterproof bag can be used to carry water, but a tin can be used to boile water and melt snow?

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WhHow to become like Bear Grylls and earn awards for survival in the wilderness?

If I want to learn how to survive in different wilderness situations (ie. jungle, desert, arctic, etc.) much like Bear Grylls, what course to take. I LOVE the out doors and want to learn survival in the wilderness and maybe get a badge or award for it. I have never done anything like this before but I love nature and the out doors. Do I have to became a scout or something, where to start?

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SurvivorRye -SurvivorMan 4 Hours in the Canadian WIlderness – Tribute Video

I like the outdoors, and here I will show you all the tips I’ve learned in my years of Scouts and watching survival shows on TV! :D Special thanks to Les Stroud for getting us back to our roots. :D Thanks for watching!

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Snowshoes and Solitude: A Year in the Wabakimi Wilderness

Product Description
In the spring of 1994, Les Stroud and Sue Jamison bade farewell to modern society and followed their hearts north, into the remote reaches of the Canadian wilderness. Leaving home, family and jobs behind, they would spen… More >>

Snowshoes and Solitude: A Year in the Wabakimi Wilderness

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