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RED SCORPION SIX Custom RAVEN Wilderness Survival Knife WSK

New Customized RAVEN WSK’s are available in out CUSTOMIZED KNIVES SECTION. Check out the Site and get something UNIQUE and FUNCTIONAL. DAVE BECK puts it FIT, FORM and FUNCTION. We have it ALL.. www.redscorpionsix.com

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3 Essential Wilderness Items

Hunteddown848 and I each made a video on the three things you must have in the wilderness. Also check out hunteddown848′s video on his three essentials, we both think on the same terms( waterbottle, knife, firesteel) :)

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Wilderness Survival Tools: Vegetation and Solar Stills

In this video, I show you how to easily make and use a vegetation and solar still. SUBSCRIBE! visit and join: pabackwoodsman.webs.com For a beginer’s forum on survival and more!

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Water in a winter survival situation: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Dehydration has a crippiling effect on your body in a survival situation having a clean supply of water will sky rocket your morale and keep you thinking straight and you will survive for longer

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Solar Navigation: Using the sun to find direction, Wilderness survival skills

Navigation techniques without using a compass, by using the shadow cast by a stick we can determine our direction.

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Survival Kit Review: Part 7 Signalling (Wilderness Survival skills)

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Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Salt: Seawater works as well, Honey lasts for ever good for emergency preparedness, Cranberries are great for you health as well and Garlics properties have documented for years.

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Wilderness Hygiene

So this is a short video on wilderness hygiene, thanks for watching, comment and subscribe and check out our new website! www.theparacordsurvivalproject.com

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