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WILD OltreNatura – Bear Grylls – Attraversare Il Lago Su Una Zattera

puntata del 27/12/09

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Wild Edibles-Chicory

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Man vs. Wild- A Stomach for Guts | Fan vs. Wild

For more Fan vs. Wild, visit: dsc.discovery.com Bear Grylls shows slightly squeamish Fan vs. Wild finalist Joe Resto how to prepare a mountain hare for dinner.

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Man vs. Wild – Snake Bite

Watch Man vs. Wild Thursdays @ 9PM e/p on Discovery! | dsc.discovery.com | On the hunt for food, Bear Grylls comes across a snake and decides this will be his meal for the day.

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Yan vs. Wild- Forest

I am Yan Yan, i’ve survived in places you wouldn’t last a day in. Now, i’m in the North American Forest. Watch this hilarious Parody of “Man vs. Wild”, one of my favorite shows. This is my Ultimate Forest Adventure! Watch my other comedy videos, go to my channel: Yyansquared.

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This is a spoof on the popular show man vs wild. If you havent seen the show or are confused about what this video is about, check out this video and you will be filled in :D www.youtube.com Follow me on TWITTER!! www.twitter.com Friend me on FACEBOOK!! www.facebook.com IF YOUR STILL READING THIS, COMMENT THIS VIDEO SAYING “CHEESY FINGERS!!!” man vs wild spoof parody bear grylls dude nigahiga the desert Worst Case Scenario fake phony full episodes season survivor survival fail will ferrell interview australia china africa north africa manvswild versus wife larva camel piranha discovery channel forskitsandgiggles funny viral videos sketch comedy wildlife

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Man vs. Wild- Fan vs. Wild Finalists

For more, visit dsc.discovery.com The two finalists, Sean LaCoste and Joe Resto, receive a phone call from Bear Grylls with some very good news.

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Man vs. Wild- Meet Killer Joe Resto

For more, visit dsc.discovery.com Meet Fan vs. Wild finalist “Killer Joe” Resto, and learn why this boy from the Bronx became a candidate to go into the wild with Bear Grylls.

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