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Water in a winter survival situation: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Dehydration has a crippiling effect on your body in a survival situation having a clean supply of water will sky rocket your morale and keep you thinking straight and you will survive for longer

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Australian Bushcraft Survival. Getting water from a tree.

Australian Bushcraft Survival. Getting water from a tree.

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SURVIVAL-hydropack water filter


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Desert Survival: Water

Desert Survival: Water

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Survival Kit Review: Part 4 Water (Wilderness Survival skills)

To print Survival Kit info sheet www.dougritter.com

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Episode 14 – Emergency Essentials boxed water storage

My review of the emergency essentials boxed water storage system. Everyone should store water or at least have a plan of where to get water if their utility water stops working or is for some reason undrinkable. beprepared.com Fema water page: www.fema.gov More info from beprepared.com: beprepared.com More info on water storage: www.safetycentral.com Gear: I guess you could throw it at someone. After using it as a toilet, maybe that would be effective? *kidding* Gadget: It’s a water container that you can convert into a portable toilet, how cool is that! Ok not so “cool” but could be functional. Getaway: numero uno item you need in a getaway. WATER! This is a good system, there are lots of others, but I like this for long term storage and portability.

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Starting a Fire with a Fire Steel, and Purifying Water by Boiling

Starting a fire using a fire steel and two old pieces of fire wood, then boiling water in the canteen cup for an example on purification.

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Dual Survival – Don’t Drink the Water | Split Up

Meet Dave and Cody, two men with completely different styles of survival skills. Can they survive together? Dont miss the ALL NEW series, Dual Survival, Friday at 10 PM e/p, only on Discovery! For more Dual Survival, check out: dsc.discovery.com In the Arizona desert, Cody and Dave manage to find water, but it is infested with insect larvae.

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