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does anyone else think bear grylls is the toughest guy out there?

bear grylls the guy from man vs wild. and yes i know its random

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How long do you think a wildlife expert (like Bear Grylls) would last in a bad neighborhood in the US?

Obviously those guys can eat snakes and deal with the wildest animals. Well how would they fare if they were asked to deal with the monsters in the streets of the US which are filled with gang members, murderers and drug lords?

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does anyone else think les stroud of survivorman is sexy?

he is considerably older than i am, but something about him i find sooo sexy. his voice, his eyes, his ruggedness. everything. he’s so hot! maybe i just have raging hormones…hard to tell, ya know? ;)

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POLL: do you think Bear Grylls could survive in the wild by himself without his camera crew?

my friend and I were wondering what would happen if someone kidnapped and blindfolded Bear Grylls and put him in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but a map and a compass. could he get back to civilization in one peice?
WHY would he be naked?! i didn’t say that!
he would have clothes, so he could tie his shirt around his knees and collect dew from the grass and use it as drinking water!
and if you do not know who bear grylls is please don’t answer the question!

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Man Vs. Wild: Don’t Watch This If You Think Baby Seals Are Cute

Man Vs. Wild: Don’t Watch This If You Think Baby Seals Are Cute
Bear Grylls has no problem doing what needs to be done to survive alone in the wild. For a camera crew. So when he’s “stranded” off the coast of Scotland and needs to swim…

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Who do you think is a better survivalist, Les Stroud (Survivorman) or Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild)?

I watch Survivorman regularly and will eventually flip to Man vs Wild. I think all of Les Stroud’s information is helpfull, but i dont know about Bear Grylls. Les is out there by himself, in which a lot of people are out by themselves in survival situations. He knows not to take any unnecessary risks, and not to panic.

Bear on the other hand, is always running and wasting his energy. Hes not out there by himself, and survives a shorter amount of time in the wild than Les. Some of his information is useful, like what to do when you get in “this” situation. But some of his tips can get you killed fast. Like “drinking your own pee”, he says its perfectly safe, but Les says it is full with a bunch of toxins that can kill you. And climbing up waterfalls and trees and what not. Most of us do not have the physical capabilities that he has, so how are we supposed practice what he demonstrates?

Overall both of them have their survival techniques that are helpful, but i think Les has more survival tips and experience.

So the second question is, who would you rather be stuck in the wild with and why (considering your small plane crashed somewhere in the Alaskan wild. There are three of you. An African American, a 60 year old man, and either of the survival experts. 3 days into survival, the African American gets eaten by a grizzly bear, but the bear doesn’t follow you).

Answer Please!

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Who do you think is tougher: Bear Grylls or Les Stroud?

Why do you think so?

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Think Les Stroud could survive in the fish that ate Jonah?

I think he could, he would make it 7 days though, Bear Grils couldn’t though, what a fake

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