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SurvivorDude with Drew Stroud

Drew Stroud ventures into the deep woods, rumored to be home to a vicious werewolf. Premier episode of SurvivorDude by Raging Walrus Filmz. Watch in High Quality! Music Used: Survivorman theme music soundfx from findsounds.com

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who is better les stroud or BEAR GRYLLS?

if you need some help deciding check out my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzzjmOELAIU

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Will survivorman, les stroud, make any more new episodes?

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Bear Grylls or Les Stroud? Which is best survivor?

Ok, I would like some honest opinions if you watch either of their shows.

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Does anyone know where i can get a copy of “off the grid with les stroud”?

This special was made by the same guy that does survivorman and was aired in nov. of 06 but I have not seen anything of it since

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did les stroud die? i heard that the survivorman died, i hope they were full of crap…plz has any one heard?

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does anyone else think les stroud of survivorman is sexy?

he is considerably older than i am, but something about him i find sooo sexy. his voice, his eyes, his ruggedness. everything. he’s so hot! maybe i just have raging hormones…hard to tell, ya know? ;)

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who whould win in a fight bear grylls or les stroud?

from man v. wild and survivorman

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