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Silver Fox Fire Steel

Video review of my custom made fire steel

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Fire Without Matches: Fire Steel


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Australian survival and self reliance. Mora of Sweden #945 Stainless steel knife unboxing.

www.honkeyhat.com If you look up most reviews and they are positively for Mora knives. The Mora #946 is an all-round fixed blade belt knife. The knife and sheath weigh about 120g The blade is stainless steel (Sandvik 12C27 mod) 2.5mm thick and 10.2 cm long. The handle is roughly 12.5cm long and is cushioned black rubber with a hand guard. It provides good control and comfort even in the cold and wet, it is sized well for medium hands. The sheath is made from black plastic, and has a swivelling belt clip so that you can swivel it when you wanna sit down so you don’t have the sheath digging into you. I think its a good buy for someone who is looking for a cheap yet good survival/bushcraft knife.

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August Update – New stuff and steel

Recorded on August 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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Cold Steel Latin Machete part 2

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Knifemaking. Converting a real steel Display Axe to a useful and functional Bushcraft Axe. Part 3.

Knifemaking. Converting a Display Axe to a Bushcraft Axe. Part 3. The Axe Handle. Here I am converting a display Axe to a useful and functional Bushcraft Axe.

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The Les Stroud battery & steel wool fire test!

David tests the Les Stroud battery & steel wool method! www.plus-one.us “Band Together!”

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Starting a Fire with a Fire Steel, and Purifying Water by Boiling

Starting a fire using a fire steel and two old pieces of fire wood, then boiling water in the canteen cup for an example on purification.

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