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Baited Snare Trap

Baited snare trap

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Leg Snare Trap

Leg snare trap. When the game takes the bait, attached to a separate stick, the snare goes off taking the game with it.

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Bird snare trap

Bird snare trap – this is a trap for birds, small birds or medium size birds. You have to put bait at the end of the long stick and when the bird lands on the stick, the snare would go off.

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How can i make a snare trap like on bear grylls born survivor?

I am not doing to use it to hunt i just think that it would be a cool useful thing to no how to do. Can somebody direct me to a video link or a website on how to make one.
He makes it outs of like a ring, some wire or string and some trees. Its pretty sweet. Thanks in advance
thanks but not a rabbit snare, a he like catches a deer with it, like a trip wire trap

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Portable Snare Trap

Portable snare trap

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Snare Trap

Small game snare trap. The animal passing into the trap in either direction releases the snare.

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Platform snare trap

Platform snare trap.

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PVC Bait Stick Snare

PVC Bait Stick Trap as shown by Dave Canterbury from wildernessoutfitters.

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