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Survival Training School of California: The Hand Drill Fire / Primitive Fire Making

In this video, we make a friction fire with the hand drill. This is one of the most difficult of the friction fire techniques, and if your hands are not accustomed to it, a blister can occur easily. www.californiasurvivaltraining.com

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Sun Compass Part 2 (Pathfinder School lesson 4 cont.)

This is part 2 of the Sun Compass. This information on building the Sun Compass came from Slamaxe (Ron Hood) here on YouTube at this link: www.youtube.com You can also check out his website for great instructional DVD’s at; www.survival.com Pathfinder School Block 1 Module 2 Exercise 2

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Pathfinder School and Self Reliance Illustrated Challenge #1

My (winning) entry for the Pathfinder School and Self Reliance Illustrated Challenge #1

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Temporary Shelter (Pathfinder School Lesson 3)

This is my next Pathfinder School Lesson. Building a temporary shelter. Block 1 Module 2 Exercise 1. I show how much a completed in a glance on the Sun Dial Video.

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The 3 Killers (Pathfinder School Lesson 7)

This is a slide show presentation on my research of the 3 killers Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, and Shock for the Pathfinder School. Block 2 Module 1 Exercise 2.

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Personal Space Welcome and Map Drawing (Pathfinder School Lesson1)

This is my first lesson with the Pathfinder School. Block 1 Module 1 Exercise 1. Find a personal space and create a map of that personal space.

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Channel Update Pathfinder School

Just an update on future videos and what you will be seeing on my channel in the very near future. I hope you will enjoy these new videos as much as I will enjoy learning from them! www.youtube.com www.wildernessoutfittersarchery.com

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Primitive Spear (Pathfinder School Lesson 10)

Making the Primitive Spear. Pathfinder School Block 3 Module 2 Ex 1.

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