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Primitive; how to make cordage

Learn how to make cordage from milk weed useing a Primitive;method

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Fletching Primitive Arrows Part 1 Preping the Feathers


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Primitive Hand Drill Fire with Saguaro Cactus and Elderberry

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Survival Training School of California: The Hand Drill Fire / Primitive Fire Making

In this video, we make a friction fire with the hand drill. This is one of the most difficult of the friction fire techniques, and if your hands are not accustomed to it, a blister can occur easily. www.californiasurvivaltraining.com

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Dave Budd Forging a Knife Using Primitive Methods

Today Dave Budd shows us how to forge a knife using primitive methods. Checkout www.davebudd.com for the making of knives or hand tools for other craftspeople and the teaching of various courses in Primitive Technology. NaturalBushcraft is a non-commercial organisation of friends sharing the knowledge and skills of Bushcraft freely – www.NaturalBushcraft.co.uk – Music by Spiro www.spiromusic.com

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CBS News Arizona Primitive Survival Skills

CBS News AZ Primitive Survival

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Here is a look at the Primitive Conibear trap Steve Davis demonstrated at the Pathfinder Gathering 2009.

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Primitive Spear (Pathfinder School Lesson 10)

Making the Primitive Spear. Pathfinder School Block 3 Module 2 Ex 1.

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