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Survivor Stud Episode 6: The Desert – Man Vs. Wild Parody

Wolf Mills almost shows you how to survive the perils of the desert

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Funny Bear Grylls Parody

Documentary thing was kinda fun to make hope you enjoyed it

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SURVIVOR DOUCHE vs. Wild- Man Vs. Wild parody spoof

A HILARIOUS bash of Man vs. Wild. we’ve all heard that bear grylls is a fake or whatever …. he doesnt really do any real survival tricks…BUT WAIT TILL YOU SEE THIS Episodes to come: Moval jungle Moval forest INTERVIEW WITH THE MAN HIMSELF Training course given by the Survivor Douche

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TS – Bear Grylls Parody

Not a Reptile or Amphibian movie, But my personal parody on the Survivalist, the Big BG

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Man vs Wild Parody – Campbelltown Part 2 of 2

Even more outrageous than part 1, Bear conquers Campbelltown, Australia… kind of. The second of a two-part Bear Grylls parody played the 2010 UWS Med Revue, The Rangover

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Man vs Wild Parody- Campbelltown Part 1 of 2

Man vs Wild – Campbelltown is a parody of the famous Bear Grylls series, made for the 2010 UWS Med Revue, The Rangover. All places, persons and events are fictional and any similarities to actual places are purely coincidental. No offence is meant by the makers of this video to anybody. Except emos.

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Man vs. Wild Parody

En Parodi på Man vs Wild med Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls överlever Finland.

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Man vs Wild parody. Survivorman bash. part 1 of 3

A HILARIOUS bash of the famous “Man vs Wild.” This guy is HILARIOUS!!!! If you think Les Stroud or Bear Grylls have wildlife instincts then you haven’t seen The SURVIVOR DOUCHE!! — PART 2 IS POSTED A RESPONSE TO THIS VIDEO

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