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Making Clean: Gear Test Part Five

One of many ways to clean your cook gear in the field using white wood ash and locally found plants. I just improvised this method on the spot, but it works great and only requires a small amount of water.

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Making Hockskins From Deer Legs

Showing how to remove hockskins from deer legs to make hair on rawhide. These can be used to make pouches and such.

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Making Bannock: Gear Test Part Three

Trying my hand at making bannock or fritters as we call them. I list the ingredients used in the video. Bannock is a bread that doesn’t use yeast. It’s a simple recipe with many variations.

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Making Fire: Gear Test Part One

Getting a fire going using fire steel, birch bark tinder and the backside of my knife. Eventhough the kindling I used was quite damp if broken up fine enough and bundled loosely it will ignite. This series of vids is testing out the gear I would typically take on a camping trip.

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Is Les Stroud making a season 2 of suvivorman??

I haven’t heard from him in a while.. and I checked his website but i couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know if Les Stroud is making season 2 of survivorman or any other show??

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Making Charcoal

Using an old tin, I attempt to make some charcoal using an alcohol stove. Using the Ontario Rat 3 to chop some wood I loose a couple of screws from the handles :-( bushcraft charcoal char cloth fire meths stove alcohol colinoutdoors ontario rat-3 bear grylls survivorman les stroud ray mears man vs wild born survivor outdoors instruction wilderness how-to nature wildlife diy howto

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Les Stroud making fire

Les Stroud demonstrating a fire bow at Deerhurst Resort May 6, 2006. Just a quick clip off of my digital camera to show fans a small part of the Survivorman weekend in Canada.

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Making a Cord-Grip Knife Handle pt. 2

This is how I prefer to cord-wrap handles. The cord is 550 olive-green paracord, the knife is a 1/4″ thick, 7.75″ long (3″ blade) blank made of 1095 high carbon steel that I’m working on. Post what you’d next like to see in a video in the comments section, or in PM’s. Hardening, Tempering, Sharpening, attaching/shaping a handle, etc. Just let me know, and I’ll do what I can to oblige! Check out the youtube page, and website of Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School – you won’t regret it! Dave’s Youtube Page: www.youtube.com Dave’s Website: www.wildernessoutfittersarcher…

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