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Tramontina Machete, Bushcraft Fire, wood chopping&Knife review

Into a new area to sleep under ponchos in February, an old car wheel to contain the fire and a pummeling test for Hultafors GK

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Machete modification

Ok everyone, I based almost all of this on the pathfinder machete modifications by Dave Canterbury (who is now on dual survivor). I also modded the blade to suit my needs and interests. To me a Machete can be a modern short sword, much like a Kopis, or Falchion. I decided to give it a basic thrusting tip. And added a LOT of survival and utility gear to it. I must say I am pretty happy with the overall design. The total cost to make one of these yourself will vary, but I spent about 80 for everything except the extra knife (which was 60 by itself), and about 4 hours in the shop grinding and sharpening. And I still have a tiny bit more to do. Sorry if some of the info I mention is a bit off (how to use a compass is easy, I just fudged my explanation a bit trying to explain everything), I was rushing to keep the video to under ten minutes (Though I not know I could have gone to 15 LOL). Anyway here is a video explaining how to use a compass just like the one I have here: www.youtube.com If you have any questions or comments just let me know and I’ll do what I can to get back to you!

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Modifying a Ontario Spec Plus SP8 Survival/Combat Machete

Music by Tommy Hall Check out his music here – www.reverbnation.com and here – www.tommyhallmusic.com Check out his Youtube channel here – www.youtube.com

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Cold Steel Latin Machete part 2

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