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Worst-Case Scenario: Downed Power Line | Dog Attack 2/3

In this worst case scenario bear grylls shows us how to get alive from a Dog Attack and an Downed Power Line

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Setting Up a Tarp with a Ridge Line – Basic Configuration & Knots

Ashley shows us how to setup a Tarp in a basic configuration using a ridge line. This method could be used to sleep on the ground or using a hammock etc. Other names for this knot include: Evenk Hitch; Evenk knot; Siberian knot; Siberian hitch; Evenk Slippery Figure of Eight Hitch. NaturalBushcraft is a non-commercial organisation of friends sharing the knowledge and skills of Bushcraft freely – www.NaturalBushcraft.co.uk – Music by Spiro www.spiromusic.com

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