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Does anyone know where i can get a copy of “off the grid with les stroud”?

This special was made by the same guy that does survivorman and was aired in nov. of 06 but I have not seen anything of it since

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I know how Ray Mears feels about Bear Grylls, but what is his opinion of Les Stroud and Tom Brown?

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Does anybody know why Les Stroud is putting an end to the Survivorman series?

This is very sad. I can’t find anything online that explains why he’s quitting. Anybody have any clues?

Yes, wrong category, but there’s actually people here that answer questions!

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on the new tv show, Dual Survivor- w/ Dave Canterbury- does anyone know what kind of camo jacket he is wearing?

I am looking to buy a winter camo jacket that would be really warm for the cold winter, thanks (also really well made)

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