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Boys Barely Survive Hurricane No thanks to Survivorman Man versus wild spoof New Orleans Volcano

The boys survive a storm. No thanks to Survivor Man Les Stroud. The Kids have No Water, No Shelter, No Mommies yet they manage to Survive. Survival in the outdoors like Man vs. Wild. No Bears, No Sharks, No rock band , Lots of fun. Survival guide.. FAKE AND OTHER HURRICANES series fake spoof series. New series. Winter storm man verse wild spoof warning next. canada banff british columbia

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Survival Week-Surviving a Hurricane. Source:The Weather Channel

*Please select ‘…(more info)’ for links to additional information and local resources. The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin reports on what you do if you are caught in a hurricane. The Weather Channel’s Video Page Link- www.weather.com The Weather Channel- www.weather.com Cody Lundin (featured on video segment)- Urban Preparedness Skills http Florida Division of Emergency Management- www.floridadisaster.org FEMA – Hurricane – www.fema.gov FEMA for Kids: Hurricanes – www.fema.gov FEMA en EspaƱol: Huracanes- www.fema.gov

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