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This is a slide show presentation of pics taken by Joe at the Pathfinder Gathering 2009. Thank you for sending me these pics!

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Catching & Eating Birds From Your Front Yard (Urban Survival)

Urban Survival, Catching & Eating Birds From Your Front Yard

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On which episode survivorman les stroud use lens from his video camera as a magnifying glass to start fire ?

In one episode he broke apart one of his video cameras to remove the lens and use it as a magnifying glass to make a fire.

Tell me which episode is that ?
Help me guys

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Who’s a better survivalist, Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild or Les Stroud from Survivorman?

Personally I think Les Stroud would survive the s*** out of Bear Grylls.

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POLL: Does Cody Lundin from dual survivor look more like Sam Kinison or Michael Douglas with long blond hair?

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