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MATT vs. WILD – Make a fire

Do you have the skills to start a fire using just a flint and what can be found in nature? Test your knowlege with this fire starting demo!

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The Bushcraft Groups (One stick fire challenge)..cujomojo2007 making fire in the snow

cujomojo2007 make this video

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Making Fire with a Magnifying Lens

Making fire with a magnifying Lens – www.naturalbushcraft.co.uk Music by Spiro – www.spiromusic.com

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Fire Without Matches: Fire Steel


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Titanium Fire Piston

These are my titanium fire pistons. Please visit my site for more information on my products: tisurvival.com

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Survival Kit Review: Part 3 Fire (Wilderness Survival skills)

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Quick Tip: Fire Base and Utilizing Trash in the Bush


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The Upside Down Fire Stack

Trying out the upside down fire stack.

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