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2nd Generation, Coco Bolo, Fire Piston w/free Char Cloth Kit

  • Amazing survival fire starting device that uses air
  • Ignites organic tinder by spontaneous combustion
  • Never needs recharging. Fuels come from nature
  • Unaffected by moisture – ignites even after immersion in water
  • Patent pending design. Comes witgh FREE charcloth tinder kit.

Product Description
Featured in Field and Stream, National Geographic Adventure, Outdoor Canada Magazines and endorsed by Survivorman, Les Stroud. This amazing fire starting device causes spontaneous combustion using air. Similar to the Die… More >>

2nd Generation, Coco Bolo, Fire Piston w/free Char Cloth Kit

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Bear Grylls – Fire Starter Unboxing

Bear Grylls – Gerber Fire Starter Unboxing

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Primitive Hand Drill Fire with Saguaro Cactus and Elderberry

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Silver Fox Fire Steel

Video review of my custom made fire steel

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Survival Training School of California: The Hand Drill Fire / Primitive Fire Making

In this video, we make a friction fire with the hand drill. This is one of the most difficult of the friction fire techniques, and if your hands are not accustomed to it, a blister can occur easily. www.californiasurvivaltraining.com

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Hand Drill Fire – Success 4

Hand drill fire by friction method. I used store-bought Cedar as the fireboard with a Horseweed spindle. I’ve had several successes using a Palm Tree branch as the fireboard so this is a first for me successfully using Cedar. For some reason, I’ve been having trouble using Palm lately. Three failures then I switched to Cedar on my 4th attempt and was successful. Weird! I’m still learnin’. I purposely left the video unedited as this is intended to show those who are interested in learning the hand drill another take on how it’s done.

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Tramontina Machete, Bushcraft Fire, wood chopping&Knife review

Into a new area to sleep under ponchos in February, an old car wheel to contain the fire and a pummeling test for Hultafors GK

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Hand Drill Fire

how to make a hand drill fire.

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