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How to build your own survival canteen Emergency Bug Out Bag

You can buy these about anywhere for a dollar or less, some places even give them away… Other items that may come in handy: Emergency Space Blanket: www.amazon.com Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandage: www.amazon.com Nexcare Butterfly Closure Bandage: www.amazon.com Diamond Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches 250 Count: www.amazon.com GI Large P-51 Can Opener: www.amazon.com South Bend Sporting Goods PHA-1 Crappie And Pan Fish Hook Assortment: www.amazon.com Berkley Trilene XL Filler Spools 330 YD: www.amazon.com Durex Natural Feeling Dry Condoms, a Non-Lubricated Condom: www.amazon.com FireSteel Miniature: www.amazon.com Coghlans Waterproof Matches, pk of 4 940BP: www.amazon.com Uco Stormproof Matches: www.amazon.com Learn Survival: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive: www.amazon.com When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes: www.amazon.com Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living: Surviving with Nothing But Your Bare Hands and What You Find in the Woods: www.amazon.com Learn Survival on Kindle: www.amazon.com There are other great books out there by experts like: cody lundin dave canterbury and mykel hawke. Amazon.com

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BCB Emergency Rations

Emergency ration packs by BCB International

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Episode 14 – Emergency Essentials boxed water storage

My review of the emergency essentials boxed water storage system. Everyone should store water or at least have a plan of where to get water if their utility water stops working or is for some reason undrinkable. beprepared.com Fema water page: www.fema.gov More info from beprepared.com: beprepared.com More info on water storage: www.safetycentral.com Gear: I guess you could throw it at someone. After using it as a toilet, maybe that would be effective? *kidding* Gadget: It’s a water container that you can convert into a portable toilet, how cool is that! Ok not so “cool” but could be functional. Getaway: numero uno item you need in a getaway. WATER! This is a good system, there are lots of others, but I like this for long term storage and portability.

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In response to Dave Canterbury’s info on survival and self sufficiency, using home made or inexpensive tools to meet the needs of surviving out in the wilderness, this is our version of the EMERGENCY FISHING KIT. The container is water/air tight and floats and will hold all the basics for fishing when you don’t have access to a rod and reel. Hope this helps and please let us know what you think!! Thanks a bunch!

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