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Dave Canterbury Hardwood Bow Project

Slow and steady start to a self made bow,part two will have the rasp shaping the bow more accurately,but here I am hacking at it with a big piece of spring steel..

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Milk Weed cordage & Props Dave Canterbury

Joe Maffei shows how to make cordage from Milk Weed and gives props to Dave Canterbury.

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Dave Canterbury inspired project and some paracord wrapping

After recovering from a bout of swine fever plague virus,it was about time I did something productive in the workshop..so a 3mm mild steel broadhead with a single bevel and paracord wrapping my mini survivor so battoning wasn’t so painful..for a paracord wrapping demo see devildwarfblades I think and for someone making a proper job of a broadhead rush to wilderness outfitters and see the legend that is DC…

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Home Made Blow Gun Target Practice With Dave Canterbury

Home Made Blow Gun Target Practice With Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters, and The Pathfinder School.

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Dave Canterbury Inspired Candle

Annealed and planished aluminium bowl which can be used with furniture polish and a string wick to create an improvised outdoor candle,due to it’s strength and shape it can also be utilised as a bearing block in a bow drill set,,obvious credit to Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters….GO TO HIS WEBSITE…IT IS AWESOME!!!..for the initial inspiration,this is my own take on the theory..I like dual purpose,it allows less weight to be needed in your pack..I appreciate your comments and yes there was a bowl of water to hand in case the raging inferno got outa hand!!

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on the new tv show, Dual Survivor- w/ Dave Canterbury- does anyone know what kind of camo jacket he is wearing?

I am looking to buy a winter camo jacket that would be really warm for the cold winter, thanks (also really well made)

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Dual Survival Discovery Channel Commercial Dave Canterbury

www.discovery.com www.discoverychannel.com

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Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters Archery and the Pathfinder School demonstrating the Hand Drill method of fire starting at the Pathfinder Gathering 2009. Dave was using a Willow Drill on a Tulip Board.

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