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Primitive; how to make cordage

Learn how to make cordage from milk weed useing a Primitive;method

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Almost Naked Into The Bush – Cattail Cordage Part 2

If we need to make fire with a bow drill we will need cordage. This video will cover making that cordage from the Cattail we gathered.. as well as a 2 man technique to make cordage making easier and faster! (Part 2) www.yhwhswordoffaith.com

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Natural Cordage – Nettles

Justin Telford of NaturalBushcraft shows us how to make Natural Cordage out of Nettles. Learn how to make your own cordage from natural resources. Cordage can help you in so many ways, from helping you bind a shelter together, catch food, start a fire, etc. So learning how to make cordage in the wild is an important skill to master.

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Milk Weed cordage & Props Dave Canterbury

Joe Maffei shows how to make cordage from Milk Weed and gives props to Dave Canterbury.

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