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POLL: do you think Bear Grylls could survive in the wild by himself without his camera crew?

my friend and I were wondering what would happen if someone kidnapped and blindfolded Bear Grylls and put him in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but a map and a compass. could he get back to civilization in one peice?
WHY would he be naked?! i didn’t say that!
he would have clothes, so he could tie his shirt around his knees and collect dew from the grass and use it as drinking water!
and if you do not know who bear grylls is please don’t answer the question!

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Man vs. Wild- Camera Crash Aftermath

For more, visit dsc.discovery.com Bear Grylls and Simon Reay are rushed to the hospital after a high-speed camera sled slams into Bear during the Canadian Rockies shoot.

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On which episode survivorman les stroud use lens from his video camera as a magnifying glass to start fire ?

In one episode he broke apart one of his video cameras to remove the lens and use it as a magnifying glass to make a fire.

Tell me which episode is that ?
Help me guys

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