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does anyone else think bear grylls is the toughest guy out there?

bear grylls the guy from man vs wild. and yes i know its random

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Does anyone know where i can get a copy of “off the grid with les stroud”?

This special was made by the same guy that does survivorman and was aired in nov. of 06 but I have not seen anything of it since

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does anyone else think les stroud of survivorman is sexy?

he is considerably older than i am, but something about him i find sooo sexy. his voice, his eyes, his ruggedness. everything. he’s so hot! maybe i just have raging hormones…hard to tell, ya know? ;)

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Teaching English overseas, did anyone ever use the Canterbury English Academy?

I am thinking of teaching overseas in the next year or so, Did any of the yahoo community, ever heard or use the Canterbury English (Academy) over in Madrid, Spain? I am looking maybe in the Fall or Early Spring of next year to start teaching over in Europe….Thank you if you can help me. If you have any other ideas or companies that will help me teach in Europe, I could use some references to get some additional help. I have used Dave’s ESL website as well. Any information will be helpful to me. Thanks!

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on the new tv show, Dual Survivor- w/ Dave Canterbury- does anyone know what kind of camo jacket he is wearing?

I am looking to buy a winter camo jacket that would be really warm for the cold winter, thanks (also really well made)

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