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Survivorman Les Stroud on GMA Now

Good Morning America Now / Radio Interview, 12-22-08 ‘Survivorman’ talks about his show and new book ‘Survive!’

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24 Responses to “Survivorman Les Stroud on GMA Now”

  1. monoxygen2012 says:

    @Iondal1 u r not very smart if thats hwo you think baer gryll is a moron do your research first

  2. cathexical says:

    twindwick – there’s not panicking, and then there’s being smart. If a 1500 lb moose is charging you, you don’t have time to evaluate your options.

  3. twindwick says:

    Did he go by his number 1 rule “don’t panic” when he ran away from the moose and climbed up the tree?

  4. caleb20091 says:

    man vs wild is more entertainment its more fun to watch but survivorman is the real thing no camra crew not staying in a hotel when not filming

  5. BA0084 says:

    les goes to everest? could be a show, i’d watch it :)

  6. lazyd0g says:

    Seemed like they were going to bang after the show.

  7. Iondal1 says:

    Baer Gryll’s accent is the only thing thats authentic

  8. jwka2001 says:

    fuck i read the book i n3 days,, but 1 day i didnt read it much hehe, its a quick read, and i too hat ebooks :P love the book,, love how ‘fire starter’ was in the back

  9. jwka2001 says:

    the book is a great read,, lots of drawings and pics

  10. powrxplor69 says:

    Les is the Man
    very cool

  11. DarkApple47 says:

    you know him as surviv-er-or man

  12. deadblock3 says:

    thats guy is survivorman. he will alone in 7days, NO camera crew, no food.. he is smart man and too smart

  13. iLikechevelle says:

    nope, he just said in january he will return

  14. ArnAriel13 says:

    yea really stinks the show’s over, know were just left with bear grylls, hes good too, but its not as authenitic.

  15. betterdayzzz82 says:

    sorry to say but he said les said he was done with filming survivorman after season 3 ended.. in the last episode of season 3 (papua New Guinea) at the end of the episode he says hes moving on to something else and that his body cant take take the punishment of surviving for a week with little food…

  16. mrpopos says:

    This series is pretty cool. Les is a good guy that respects nature. Waiting for season 4 :)

  17. mistermuffin420 says:

    i’m gonna go to the library to get that book to read and it better be good or else i will hold a grudge against you for the rest of my life

  18. delirium1326 says:

    That book is awesome. To give you an idea I read the book in 2 days and I hate reading books. haha

  19. americanjedi77 says:

    I like how he said “Merry Christmas” at the end,..good to know he’s a believer.

  20. AvidHobbyist says:

    This man is my hero.

  21. crazykb says:

    I live in Toronto. And Les Stroud is ‘the real deal’. I’m proud he’s Canadian. And that means quite alot with me. Since, I’m not that patriotic.

  22. hulktaker15 says:

    the man les stroud

  23. ArkGrave says:

    Les stroud is just awesome

  24. flipnfrag says:

    Thanks for uploading


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