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Survivorman Hollywood Part 4: Harmonica Breakdown

Les is on his last leg, after being beaten down by the dream crusher that is Hollywood (trust me on the dream-crusher thing!) As a last effort of hope, he plays his harmonica, and is surprised at the serendipitous results! Part Four of the “Survivorman: Hollywood” Four part series, a spoof on Les Stroud’s show aired on the Discovery Channel. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, dear viewers, don’t get me wrong. I am truly a HUGE fan of Les Stroud and the SURVIVORMAN show. I have watched every episode MULTIPLE times to get the nuances of how it’s shot and edited. Les Stroud IS the real deal – he goes it ALONE! Props to my man and to Canada! .

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22 Responses to “Survivorman Hollywood Part 4: Harmonica Breakdown”

  1. badluckb0y says:

    grreat shooting/editing. great voiceover. great spoof. even if i do love survivorman. haha

  2. MidgarHeretic says:

    rofl. nice job. love the vids. hope u make more.

  3. seemeknowmore says:

    biggest waste of time ever, not funny, get a life

  4. Hervorragend604 says:

    Genius! Excellent editing and very good use of the source material. johnbaum actually paid attentioned to details from Les’ show and it’s evident here. Some oringinal and well-executed ideas make this a true spoof and extremely funny, too. 5*****

  5. RobinHood3000 says:

    I nearly spewed cider on my laptop when “Les” started flexing on the street.

  6. Xsublime28xX says:

    danish…. lmao

  7. RaptorLlama says:


    epic win.

  8. Lunktard says:

    HAHA, I love it!!

  9. olfoogy says:

    hahahaaa sssssgood

  10. CynicalSquid says:

    This video is going straight to my favorites.

  11. lyzaya says:

    This was EPIC.

  12. DraX360 says:

    It’s called video editing.

  13. Selsiuss2 says:

    if the same guy played those two guys then how can he be in the same shot as himself as the other guy?

  14. wootwootdudeo says:

    LMAO. this just made my day

  15. CSkank says:

    the beat boxing deffinitly was hilarious.

  16. aapo678 says:

    holy shit that guy is trippin’

  17. johnbaum says:

    Premiere elements

  18. johnbaum says:

    Premiere Elements

  19. fifafelipe says:

    Great video!!
    What programm do you use for the “multi-screen”?

  20. juventinio93 says:

    who knows from what site i can download videos with Les Stroud alias Survivorman plzz tel me but to be free

  21. c1rca911 says:

    this is the best series i have ever seen.. good job once again

  22. johnbaum says:

    Chuck Norris. My Hero.


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