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Survivorman – Episode 302 (4)

Catch Survivorman, Fridays @ 9pm E/P only on Discovery! Les encounters a nest filled with chicks, but decides to skip this meal.

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23 Responses to “Survivorman – Episode 302 (4)”

  1. tep2005 says:

    LOL… Bear did have a few good advice. But some advices are, yeah, lethal.
    Like when he climbed up that 300 feet tall steel beams into the train track above, yeah, that’s gonna kill some fanboys who try to follow his advice.

  2. somnys says:

    @CanadaForce My comment was from a year ago so I don’t remember the episode now. So whose fault is it that he didn’t eat for 4 days. Bottom line is he’s the survivorman and he fails to survive.
    I didn’t even mention Bear Grylls, so why bring him up. Everyone knows it’s a lot of theatrics with some survival tips.
    Besides there’s another show called Dual Survival which is better than both of these. Second season should starting soon hopefully.

  3. CanadaForce says:

    Are you peple serious? This Grylls guy is an actor, he even admitted he goes to a hotel after hes done filming. Les has NO camera crew plus he survives 4-8 days. Les is like Jackie Chan and Bear is like Bobby Lee.

  4. CanadaForce says:


    I love how you leave out parts of what happened. He was in the Arctic tundra and it was freezing rain, he was there for 5 or 6 days and didn’t eat anything until the 4th day, not like Grylls who goes to a hotel after hes done shooting his scenes

  5. davidandrew2391 says:

    @ROBattles he gives tons of good info but alot of theatrics as well.

  6. DestroyXianityNow666 says:

    Les’s the man bitches..

  7. somnys says:

    I was watching Survivorman the other day and the guy called in the crew to pick him up because it wouldn’t stop raining for 8 hours.

  8. pickurn says:

    get me a stick

  9. kripped666 says:


  10. kripped666 says:

    Bear grills is a big fake and a faggot

  11. snakeman109 says:

    good thing he did not eat those. i would throw up! i know Bear grills would .

  12. IAreNguyen says:

    haha that would be kinda fun

  13. ROBattles says:

    Bear Grylls has nothing to do with survival. Go ahead, follow Gryll’s advice in a survival situation. You will get yourself killed. Nothing of value was lost. I’m tired of people calling Bear Grylls a survival expert. He is only a mere entertainer.

  14. LabMan666 says:

    Im sure bear would do the same shit if he was asked to, dont talk so dumb. This guy is a tree hugging wannab, bear is a trained survivor.

  15. milk4lifez says:

    lol! besides the mother keeps watching me so ill eat her too

  16. c0linaf says:

    yeah bear would have eaten those raw in a heartbeat plus theres like no meat on ‘em

  17. NinjaMaster18 says:

    I would love to see Bear try to do the stuff Les does. Cause I bet Bear wouldn’t be able to handle it. Sure he can get around places and eat awful things that might save his life, but he has a crew, who may or may not have food, water and shelter. So ya, just saying that for myself ^^ And Les is the best.

  18. skaterboi893 says:

    survivorman is a GOOD MAN

  19. Cipri says:


  20. flamefoil13 says:

    woo hoo! i think survivorman is WAY better than Man vs Wild, because its just him, and no one else, Bear Grills has his camera crew to help him in a tough situation.

  21. emojman says:

    i NO! lol

  22. emojman says:

    first everything, yay survivor man is back!

  23. sharrath says:



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