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Survivor Stud Episode 6: The Desert – Man Vs. Wild Parody

Wolf Mills almost shows you how to survive the perils of the desert

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25 Responses to “Survivor Stud Episode 6: The Desert – Man Vs. Wild Parody”

  1. utubeworms says:

    What’s up with the Islamic call to prayer chant?

  2. Captain110789 says:

    Hahaha, I like it!

  3. natenatedog says:

    Skeptical?? Nothing like an interpretive (tribal) dance… or perhaps a barrel roll, and some rapid breathing.

  4. natenatedog says:

    Skeptical?? Nothing like an interpretive (tribal) dance…

  5. jasonklass says:

    No way, really? In canyonlands? 27

  6. HofmannUL says:

    2:12 ive camped in that spot!

  7. knoll0351 says:

    LOVE IT!! But you forgot to drink your own urine and get naked for no apparent reason.

  8. jasonklass says:

    @megasimon999 \
    Wolf Mills grew up in a small village along the border of England and Australia which accounts for the strange accent.

  9. bbt95762 says:


  10. edvais says:

    Pure class, Mr Klass!

  11. jasonklass says:

    Indeed it was. Good catch!

  12. staceydawnbulmer says:

    i figured out what Bear Gryllis is missing…he needs a Navi

  13. NPSurvival says:

    Hey that was Newspaper Rock wasn’t it! l love the desert.

  14. sm34t says:

    “I can read it but I can’t speak it” +2

    I’m going to adapt this for a Boy Scout skit at our next camp fire, THANKS!

  15. djuraman says:

    wollf mills vs bear grylls

  16. kgmachine says:

    yeah im a bgrylls fan 2 but this is hilarious

  17. abuubaydaa says:

    Nice Parody…
    But why are playing the Basmallah???Are they any reason???

  18. mookiller1 says:

    35. LOL

  19. oddmott says:

    “Now, even though archaeologists have been trying to decipher their meaning for countless centuries… I’m pretty good!”

    ROFL – great parodies man… i do enjoy watching all survival based shows… but I’d like yours just as much

  20. booniecap101 says:

    LOL. I’m sort of a Bear Grylls fan, but this made me literally lol… Good job, Jason. *5 stars*

  21. HalfFull says:

    Are you in Survivor man? Haha you look just like him.

  22. w0smith says:

    Bear Grylls is a fraud. The show is great for comedy – not survival technique. His show is more like “Jackass: Wilderness Edition”. Les Stroud is the real deal – he doesn’t have a camera crew standing by with satellite phones and power bars to save his ass when he does something stupid.

  23. jasonklass says:


  24. 4eternity69 says:

    omg me and my husband laughed so hard you are really great!! lol you could be the real thing!

  25. JustinBaker2567 says:

    Man vs wild is exciting, but he doesent really show you how to survive, its just about watching him survive. If you want to really see how to survive, look up dave canteburies videos.


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