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Survival Training School of California: The Hand Drill Fire / Primitive Fire Making

In this video, we make a friction fire with the hand drill. This is one of the most difficult of the friction fire techniques, and if your hands are not accustomed to it, a blister can occur easily.

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7 Responses to “Survival Training School of California: The Hand Drill Fire / Primitive Fire Making”

  1. STSCThomas says:

    and also, I have improved much on the hand drill being a teacher over the past year- and I do it much faster now. So in honor of you Mr.Dipex… new hand drill video coming soon! From ember to fire, not just smoking tinder!

  2. STSCThomas says:

    Actually, the thumb string technique is more difficult for most people, will still cause the blisters, and is not always faster. Although all those things sound good in books, in real life the long stick method is the most reliable, and all of my students have the most success with this. You have to use a thicker branch for the thumb string method, which means less rpms and a slower coal. FYI
    From,; Tommie the Chief,lol thanks for that one you made my day…

  3. MrDipex says:

    IM “Tommy…Chief instructor” this video…THERE IS NO FIRE!!!…say “chief”, how about showing them how to use´╗┐ the Thumb string method on this technique so you dont get blisters, Allows for CONSTANT downward pressure, and it works ALOT faster!..whats that you say?…you never heard of it?..oh* well….I NEVER SAW FIRE here either!…man, sign me up for your next class and forgive´╗┐ me if i BRING A LIGHTER!

  4. boisintang says:

    ahhhhh….so wheres the fire?

  5. 17seventySIX says:

    @FresnoDental Hey check the post I left to survive in California on this video…

  6. 17seventySIX says:

    I am looking for a mechanical engineer and a doctor to join our “Colony” for only $5,000 you get to be part of the colony and 1/2 acre with water to live on. In Santa Barbara CA> close to town, with water on 100 acres surrounded by BLM land on all three sides. Mechanic, architect, nurse, builder, handyman, beautiful women(plurel), computer engineer, scientist, horticulturists, farmers, musicians, people with resources, welder, solar engineer, natural healer, medicine men, historian, NO BANKERS!

  7. FresnoDental says:

    I am very interested in merging skills, ideas, supplies, security, trust, and community with like minded people. if something does happen we need a community of people with the same goal, and the group/herd menatlity to truly survive. I know if something happens the freeways will be locked down with in 48 hours, and getting in or out will be impossible. SO I propose we have a group at least at an elevation of 6,500 feet with in 3 to 4 hours drive time of southern ca.


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