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Survival Kit Review: Part 7 Signalling (Wilderness Survival skills)

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20 Responses to “Survival Kit Review: Part 7 Signalling (Wilderness Survival skills)”

  1. ewtoutdoors says:

    Followed the 7 parts and found them very informative, keep up the good job.

  2. MrFuze123 says:

    good vid really helped me

  3. Blackwater200 says:

    You can also keep a bottle rocket as a flare to use for aircraft to hear and see your spot you at.

  4. zarnitintunzanyzack says:

    @SadlyDiscontinued Thanks for the information buddy. I got AMK mirror as well as Ultimate Survival mirror plus 2 way signal mirror one side is normal and the other side is red which can use to signal at night time by using some light source.I bought that from Fusion gear (Australia Ebay ). Please check that out if you are in survival gears.They have a few cool stuffs.

  5. SadlyDiscontinued says:

    @zarnitintunzanyzack I don’t know what that is, but it looks flexible. You want a nice rigid one. A good thin rigid one is the one marketed by Adventure Medical Kits– the Rescue Flash. Really decent little mirror, easy to aim. You can get just the mirror, or look on Amazon for the Adventure Medical Kits pocket survival pak that includes it for around 25 bucks with some other nice bits of kit. Good deal. I have a collection of mirrors. That one’s just the perfect size for a small kit..

  6. alanvalentinus says:

    you need 550 paracord in your survival kit. it can replace your marking tape, snares, sewing thread, fishing line and other stuff, will beef up your first aid and your shelter building. you can wrap it on any/everything you realy need it in your survival kit.

  7. zarnitintunzanyzack says:

    What’s the name of the signal mirror at the bottom??? Thinnest one…

  8. bearpatch1 says:

    all in all the 7 pt. series 5/5*, good info and content. the series got folks thinking and planning.i thank you for your time and dedication.

  9. blamshiza says:

    Thanks, another great set of vids. I always look forward to seeing more of you.

  10. mrjason5846 says:

    Good videos! :)

  11. alundrasrt says:

    Yes! it’s what i want to say. Thanks 122333nic and snewso ;)

  12. 122333nic says:

    Great idea. You’re referring to a flare.

  13. 32937isready says:

    I like a satellite phone with extra batteries

  14. VisionQuest2012 says:

    Don’t forget the Cayenne pepper to throw the blood hounds off. LMAO!

  15. snewso says:

    @alundrasrt road flare ?

  16. mountainghost556 says:

    Once more ,another survival kit with out an aerial marker or signal panel…I did a some what decent vid on one on my channel..of this device that no one even thinks to carry..

  17. alundrasrt says:

    I’ll add a “rescue torch” -sorry i don’t know the term in english- it’s a device like a stick which is used in emergency on boat. It’s provide light and smoke for signaling even on rain, they’re made in different size.

  18. gjonesy9 says:

    A few songs that remind me of the PeakSurival on YouTube.

    This must be the place.

    Snow Patrol – You’re all I have.

    Selica, you’re awesome! :)

  19. DEMCAD says:

    I need a whistle.

  20. gasdorf says:

    were’s part 27? ….peak survival marathon


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