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Sun Compass Part 2 (Pathfinder School lesson 4 cont.)

This is part 2 of the Sun Compass. This information on building the Sun Compass came from Slamaxe (Ron Hood) here on YouTube at this link: You can also check out his website for great instructional DVD’s at; Pathfinder School Block 1 Module 2 Exercise 2

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11 Responses to “Sun Compass Part 2 (Pathfinder School lesson 4 cont.)”

  1. TheCheese30 says:

    well done nice video.

  2. remielmasloco says:

    esta bien este metodo

  3. Nathan5561 says:

    Thanks for the Video, Well done on your suncompass

    The reason it was slightly out is your sun compass points to true North and your Brunton compass points to magnetic north

    Hope that helps.


  4. 14DFASniper says:

    Fantastic !!!! 5*

  5. liketadied says:

    five stars, thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  6. ItomeVader says:

    Very cool man. Great work. 5/5

  7. locke6206 says:

    Thank you very much! Yea I will do more explaining on magnetic declination and such when i reach the land navigation portion.

  8. locke6206 says:

    Well that is where the sun dial comes into play. It is similar to the sun compass however it casts a wide shadow across the board.

  9. ironhead41 says:

    great job brother. could you also mark the needle shadow length to tell what time it is?

  10. morgy71373 says:

    dont forget . your compass will not exactly match the sun compass because of magnetic declination of what area in the us you live . but i have to say you did an OUTSTANDING!! job with this 5 star .

  11. teaparty10101 says:



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