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Stroud’s Blog – 002 – On Set of Survive This

Les is on the set of the new survival kids show called Survive This.

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25 Responses to “Stroud’s Blog – 002 – On Set of Survive This”

  1. katanaburner says:

    I always thought I was good at survival but remembering Survivorman I was able to get my rear back to civilization after I initially got lost in a snow storm in the Sierra Nevadas. I must have hiked in at least 20 miles and back out in 10 thanks to Les’s ideas. I would’ve survived initially but Les and his shows made it that much easier and quicker.

  2. FlamingFury5 says:

    those kids are weak and pathetic which makes it realistic. but seriously a raw steak could survive longer in the woods

  3. Rottenpie119 says:

    I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life. But one thing. I don’t want someone to have a script. And I’m almost 18 so I don’t wanna deal with stupid teens telling me what to do. Ik a lot of techniques on my own. A well rounded knowledge in physics and common sense. Something people don’t have these days. And I’d want to be alone in the show…ppl wud just annoy me ..I’d wanna be alone like les. But hell I can film myself. He’s the only guy ik that did and will do. No one else has the capacity

  4. NocheeseSherlock says:

    @CallMeAndyx3 I’d say Its 50/50 here. he is setting the situation for the kids, in survivorman he couldn’t stage it, survivorman was completely real and he was alone :D

  5. happybuddyperson says:

    @alwaysyasmin St mary catholic high school

  6. alwaysyasmin says:

    @happybuddyperson which schoooL ?

  7. KarateDude246 says:

    Karatedude246@ Happybuddyperson He is really good and smart hes my favourite then Justin then Jade!

  8. happybuddyperson says:

    the kid named colin in the show goes to my school

  9. magzepeant says:

    I wanted to sign up but I didnt know were to go. :(

  10. stevenseagullWTF says:

    He definetly doesn’t Paul :(

  11. mikeylattouf says:

    not at all!

  12. CallMeAndyx3 says:

    but even so its still AWSOME :D

  13. CallMeAndyx3 says:

    umm guys so does this mean its fake? like survivorman and surviv this all fake? or is it like somethin else cause he has a scirpt…

  14. carlo1 says:

    i have to find episode 12. of survive thi anyone know where it is? its missing from tv and internet.

  15. Infernape1000 says:

    Go to Couldyousurvivethis( dot )com to watch new episodes that they don’t air on TV.

  16. SurvivorRye says:

    I hope Les does a survival show with adults, now that would be fun, I would totally sign up.

  17. Feindish11 says:

    there not showing any shows in us or did they quit idk???

  18. Feindish11 says:

    Are they taking a break or something or something because there airing any shows???

  19. ValXDLoveJB says:

    i Love Survive This!

  20. patrickwilliamson29 says:

    yeah man 16yo kids always whine heaps, i know i did when i was that age ;-)

  21. 358mrl says:

    i dont think he like this consept

    he like doing the realy thing I can tell

  22. masterchiefjoe says:

    2 things 1 you need to bee at least 13 to enter season 2 and 2 you can appply for season 2 at the website i think i need to look at it more cuz i want to apply to

  23. MudSludge11 says:

    where do you sign up for survive this…? any one know?

  24. SurvivorRye says:

    Some of these kids are such whiners! I’ve been watching the show….. But at least they’re trying, I’ll give them that much…. gotta have a bit of drama and whining otherwise it wouldn’t be a reality TV show I guess, haha. =)

  25. ZZOTH says:

    looking forward to this les!


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