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Spooferman – Survivorman Season 4

I, Spooferman, set out to replicate the legendary wilderness expert and film maker, Les Stroud. This video is for the fire starting video contest at I like to imagine that Survivorman would look a little something like this if it had gone on to season 4.

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9 Responses to “Spooferman – Survivorman Season 4”

  1. chuckeieio says:

    lol good stuff

  2. hondahp18 says:

    is this somehow suggesting that survivorman is fake?? blahhahahahawhahah are you kidding me?

  3. richmistar250 says:

    Anybody else thinks that he looks a lot like Dale from king of the hill?.. 0:22

  4. catascouts says:

    :-) But I like Les! He’s the real deal unlike that Bear who Grylls…

  5. nealpopa says:

    wonderful, im digging the scene transition sound effects.

  6. randombros7 says:

    haha nice man

  7. destroyerofworlds7 says:

    fuck yea

  8. 1991dragongirl says:

    LOL. You were so serious KC…

    But it was good. Very dramatic with the mosquitoes…totally thought you were going to burn your hands…:) nice man.

  9. Triforcecity says:

    this is so awesome, the great outdoors and your biggest enemy the BUGS!


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